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NEW batch of refurbished Hagglund BV206 vehicles are ready now (they were all sold out). Let’s have a quick look on the refurbishing process.

What did they look like at the beginning?

Rubber tracks, road wheel system, drive sprocket system, tensioning system were all dead, replaced them with our own bv206 chasis.
Installed on the used bv206 vehicle.

Finally […]

How to extend the lifetime of your BV206 rubber track

5 Basic points you should know
1. Keep cleanness and check often
1) Clean the BV206 undercarriage frequently to eliminate mud, soil, rocks, debris from your undercarriage components, like sprockets, rollers and idlers. Otherwise, packed them in soil and debris will significantly reduce wear life or cause “de-tracking”. A well undercarriage would affect rubber track’s performance and […]