5 Basic points you should know

1. Keep cleanness and check often

1) Clean the BV206 undercarriage frequently to eliminate mud, soil, rocks, debris from your undercarriage components, like sprockets, rollers and idlers. Otherwise, packed them in soil and debris will significantly reduce wear life or cause “de-tracking”. A well undercarriage would affect rubber track’s performance and longevity.
2) Clean off the rubber track immediately when it is exposed to contaminants like salt or oil.

2. Minimize exposure to the sun

The extreme temperature of rubber track is -25 to 55. If working in extreme temperature can’t be avoided, please try to reduce your machines’ speed.

3. Operate correctly and carefully

1) Check the components before fitting your new tracks
2) Understand the weight capacity of your machine, avoid overload to reduce rubber track’s bearing capacity.
3) Minimize the using times of doughnuts to avoid zero degree or zero radius turns, try to use wide angle turns.
4) Try not to drive with rubber track sidewall edges pressing against hard walls, jogged surfaces, curbs, etc.

4.Track tension and adjustment

The tension of your rubber track should be monitored regularly and proper adjusted to avoid too loose or overly tight.
avoid too loose to prevent: damage to lugs, possible de-tracking
avoid overly tight to prevent : increased wear to tracks and roller wheels
increased wear to tracks and drive motors damage to lugs

5. Proper Storage

When storing rubber track for a long period of time, please keep it away from direct sun and other weather factors.